Travertine Tiles – Why We Love Travertine Tiles

travertine tiles Should I choose ceramic tiles? Should I choose porcelain tiles? Why not think about travertine tiles? Tiling your floors is a major project that you won’t want to go through it again anytime soon. Imagine going through all the preparation of tiling your house, the process of actually tiling, and then when you lay down your last tile. You know that over the next long period of time, this will be the ground you spend time on the most or will want to spend time on. That’s why choosing the right tile for you is so important and we want you to think about travertine tiles.

We are certainly not against ceramic or porcelain tiles, but sometimes it’s so much nicer to have something so much nicer. Why is travertine potentially a nicer option than the others though you may ask?

Firstly, do you know where it comes from? The earth. What’s so special about that? Don’t ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles come out of the earth? It’s true that the clay used to make ceramic and porcelain tiles is a natural substance but travertine has had a much greater journey into life. Mostly found in springs, whether mineral or hot, travertine is a form of limestone created through natural and chemical reactions. Not only that, the earth’s crust provides heating which completes the job.

Also, in days like these where there are so many cheap options to the point that so many things out there are outright fake, it’s very nice to have something not only real, but high quality. Travertine was used by the Romans thousands of years ago, and we all know that they built some pretty good stuff. Good thing it’s readily available to us today if you do want something that much nicer.

If you want to know more about travertine tiles, don’t hesitate to drop us a comment on Or come check out our showroom where our friendly staff will be more than happy to tell you more.

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