Travertine – Natural Stone

travertine tiles

Usually the first place that a person wish to change when thinking about redesigning his house is the flooring. One of the things that will make the maximum impact at minimum cost is changing the sort of stone you employ throughout the house. A number of first-time buyers utilize travertine as his or her first choice and aren’t disappointed. We acknowledge that choosing tiles are not something which can be carried out instantly.

Just take it easy if you are wondering if it’s what you actually need after hearing the name for the first time. Travertine comes in different shades of brown in color. It is a natural stone deposited by hot springs. The stone is smooth to the touch and deceptively fibrous. Using travertine has many advantages and here are some:

Visual appeal: The natural veining of travertine results in the formation of a number of patterns which are nearly unique to each tile. This also helps in lending a wide range of looks for exactly the same type of stone.

Lower Maintenance: Travertine can endure weathering without degrading contrary to other natural stones. Travertine really starts looking better with age according to some people.

Trusted: Travertine has been used by mankind as a building material for years and years. A number of old buildings use travertine such as the thousand-year old Colosseum in Rome. Street pavements are also typically made of travertine. You can actually call it an achievement when you consider how pavements are able to bear the foot traffic and weather.

In general, travertine is among the wonders of nature which you can use by kings and paupers alike!

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