Travertine Pavers – What Are Tumbled Edge?

travertine pavers Travertine pavers have became popular over time surpassing asphalt, brick and concrete pavers. One reason is due to the selection of shades available as well as the fact that they are flexible. It is not just that, each and every piece of travertine pavers are unique and increases the natural feel within your outdoor areas.

Travertine pavers could either be chiseled-edge or tumbled edge. But what, you may ask, are tumbled edge travertine pavers?

Chiseled Edge Pavers

Before getting into tumbled edge travertine pavers, get to know chiseled edge pavers first. Driveways which could support substantial weight and has a solid base are using chiseled edge pavers. These pavers are also great for projects, just like the pool deck and patio. Travertine pavers are not going to quickly fade and might last a lifetime because it is a natural stone. Chiseled edge pavers are accessible in the colours of gold and silver, scabas, walnut-noce and colours of ivory.

On the other hand, tumbled edge travertine pavers have edges that are rounded. The real shade of tumbled edge travertine pavers are highlighted when soaked in water or whenever it gets wet or if perhaps you seal the paver with an oil based enhancer sealer.

Another advantage of these pavers are that it is able able to soften the area that it will go in and boasts of variation and individuality which is lovely and natural.

For any travertine tile to be tumbled edge, a tumbling device is used. Edges will probably be softer and smoother because of the tumbling effect. This effect gives it a weathered and antique look. The way the edges were softened gives it an original finish that cannot be equalled by some other tile although it looks vintage or aged.

Tumbled Edge Travertine Pavers

Tumbled edge pavers are available in different colours and in the sizes of 600×600, 400×400, 600×400, 400x200mm as well as other sizes. Once you talk about trends in paving, tumbled edge travertine pavers will be the way to go. It’ll always impress down the road. The influence that it has made is great. At, you’ll find an incredible array of tumbled edge travertine pavers.

So, what are you waiting for? Go online and get tumbled edge travertine tile for elegance. Witness for yourself the way tumbled edge travertine tile adds visual value to your outdoor space and what magical transformations it might bring to your house. There’s no more need to ask, ‘What are they? The question has been clarified’.

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