Travertine Pavers Vs Concrete Pavers

Looking to pave the external areas of your home? Thinking of using concrete pavers? Stop and re-think before you buy. The price of concrete pavers compares with the price of real travertine pavers being offered at Tile Factory Outlet. Yes that is correct, you can choose to buy concrete pavers which start from $30 per meter for small formats such as 200x200x40mm to 300x300x40mm and from $50 unto $70 per meter for the larger formats, or you can choose real stone for the same price!!!!!

Tile Factory Outlet specializes in travertine from Turkey in a huge variety of sizes and finishes. Formats from 30×30, 30×60, 40×40, 20×40, 400×600 in tumbled, unfilled, filled and also in French Pattern starting from $55 per meter are available. When you compare real travertine pavers to concrete pavers the comparison in value is obvious. Travertine pavers offer a more up market and classical look that will add real value to your home.

Would you like to know more about travertine? Travertine is a form of limestone deposited by mineral springs, especiallyhot springs. It often has a fibrous appearance and exists in white, tan, and cream-colored varieties. It is formed by a process of rapid precipitation of calcium carbonate, often at the mouth of a hot spring or in a limestone cave.

When pure and fine, travertine is white, but often it is brown to yellow due to impurities. Travertine may precipitate out directly onto rock and other inert materials as in Pamukkale (Turkey) or Yellowstone National Park (USA) for example. A few other places in the world resemble it, including the Mammoth Hot Springs in the USA, Egerszalók in Hungary, and Huanglong in Sichuan Province of China (another UNESCO World Heritage Site). Travertine has formed sixteen huge, natural dams in a valley in Croatia known as Plitvice Lakes National Park. Clinging to moss and rocks in the water, travertine has built up over several millennia to form waterfalls up to 70 metres (230 ft) in height.

Today travertine is used extensively as a building material and has been used by the Romans since the middle ages. The Romans mined deposits of travertine for building temples, aqueducts, monuments, bath complexes, and amphitheaters such as the Colosseum, the largest building in the world constructed mostly of travertine. Other notable buildings using travertine extensively include the Sacré-Cœur Basilica in Paris and the 20th-century Getty Center in Los Angeles,California, and Shell-Haus in Berlin.

So if you want a product that is a real stone and will endure the test of time, then Travertine is the perfect choice!

Visit Tile Factory Outlet where the prices of travertine pavers are the same if not cheaper than concrete pavers.

Before and After Pictures on the use of Travertine Pavers to add value to your home.

travertine pavers

travertine pavers

travertine pavers

travertine pavers





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Tara Burner January 22, 2012 at 8:37 am

Interesting…didn’t realize that the prices for concrete and real stone were comparable.
I thought the real stone would be more expensive.
Making me rethink options :)


Jacob January 21, 2012 at 9:01 pm

I decided to go with Travertine because it is very durable and we have kids that can be quite rough on things. So, with all the feedback on how tough and all the Travertine can withstand, it was hands down our choice. Great stuff!!!!


Marrisa January 21, 2012 at 8:50 pm

You are so right! Travertine is the best way to go. That’s what we used and we love it and the cost was so much cheaper.


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