Tilers —Tips on Finding the Right Tiler for You


Having all the right ingredients is of no value if the cook is not competent. Likewise having beautiful, high quality tiles will be of little use if you do not choose the right tiler. How can you make a wise decision in this regard?

One of the most obvious ways is by recommendation. If you have a trusted acquaintance that was somewhat choosy about whom they selected for their tile installation, their recommendation for a tiler may be all that is necessary to make a good choice. However, for those of us who must choose for ourselves, here are some tips.

A reputable and worthy tiler may perhaps have a website where you can view their work, or even a portfolio. This shows they take pride in their work and that they understand that “seeing is believing” for the consumer. Taking the risk of allowing a tiler to do the job without any reason to believe it will be done right could be costly. It will be extremely difficult to “right the wrong” in such a case. You will need to trash the badly installed tiles, since they will not be reusable, and replace them. You might be able to lodge a complaint with the court system and get the tilers to foot the bill, but that also will be time and money.

Another tell-tale sign of a good tiler is that they work cleanly and show respect for your home. For example, he will clean off excessive tile adhesive when finished rather than leave a mess for you the homeowner to deal with. So it would be prudent to check his work before handing over any fees for the job.

Another tip is to get three quotes and compare them before making a decision.

These are just a few pointers that can help you with your tiling project and choosing the right tiler for you.  If you need any further assistance for your project, like choosing the right tiles, come visit us at Tile Factory Outlet.  We have a huge range of quality tiles all at amazingly low prices.

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