Tiles – The Installation Of Ceramic Floor Tiles

floor tiles You’ve prepared the floor, laid the subfloor, and you are now troubled to get creative. Just like in the other two steps, you will want all the right equipments before laying your flooring.

Tools of the Trade

You already had most of the required equipment in the other two steps. Even so, for the flooring, you may not have some of them yet. Additionally, you will need the same polymer thin-set mortar you used to lay your subfloor, buckets for mixing the thin-set with water, a drill along with a mixing paddle, your reliable tape-measure, pencil and square. You also need a rubber mallet along with a level and tile spacers. A tile cutter or saw will be necessary to trim the tiles. It is recommended for your protection to possess safety goggles, knee pads, and rubber work gloves.

For finishes you will need aluminum angles for the doorways where the tiling finishes.

Always advise yourself of any useful building codes and follow the manufacturer’s directions with every instrument or substance utilized.

Prior to laying the tiles, take tiles from various boxes and blend them together just in case there is a minor color variance in between each box.

Distribute the thin-set using a trowel in a one meter by one meter area and try never to cover your reference lines. You need to beginning at the cross section at the center of the room in doing this. For this, mix the thin-set according to the recommended regularity. Then comb the mortar with the notched edge of the trowel at a 45 degree angle. Without creating swirl patterns, comb it in one direction. Return any excess to the bucket by picking it up by using the trowel.

Now lay tiles over the guide lines. Make use of spacers as you press them down gently with a bit of a twist. Every few tiles, lift one up and have a look to see if it’s adhering well. When there is little or no adhesive on the tile, add more while using trowel. Get yourself a trowel with bigger notches if this goes on.

After finishing one area, use the level to make sure the tiles are even. If not, use the mallet to even them out. Cut tiles for edges near cabinets, etc.

This stage will be complete before long while you continue to keep laying the tiles.

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