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Natural beauty, elegance, value, durability, variation of colours and textures is what separate’s stone tile flooring from any other flooring alternatives. Most of us only get to see and feel stone tile flooring when we are walking through luxury shopping centres, five star hotels, resorts, and banks yet we are afraid of using stone products in our homes. What is it that holds us back from having beautiful natural stone tile flooring? Is it the practicality of the stone? Is it the price?

To see and feel stone tile flooring in commercial and high traffic areas as mentioned above, it indicates the durability of stone and how it’s globally recognised as a luxury and durable asset. our own Harbour Bridge is a true example of stone being used over any other alternatives to support the foundations of the bridge, other historical buildings that are attracting millions of tourists annually : The Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Colosseum in Rome and the Parthenon in Greece are all living evidence of the strength and durability from stone tile flooring.

We all love the value and feel we get from stone tile flooring and equally hate the price that we have to pay for them. Being a rare and natural product it is only normal for stones to be regarded as a luxury asset and having a high price tag, however after a few clicks on the internet and some price comparison it is obvious that there are places where we can afford our desired stone tile flooring at a fraction of what the boutique and expensive tile shops are selling for.

Tile Factory Outlet on 107 Warren road (Cumberland Highway) Smithfield are direct importers of stone tile flooring and they are giving general public the advantage of having stone tile flooring at 70-80% below the retail market. TFO has a huge range of stone tile flooring and on their website they have prices, images and availability of their stock. At TFO the only disadvantage is that stock will not last long and you have to be quick or you will miss out. TFO believes that if we don’t visit them we pay the price and that is definitely true for a factory outlet that sell an average of 40000m2 monthly.

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