Tumbled Edge Travertine Paver – What Are They?

You can either go for chiseled-edge or tumbled edge when acquiring travertine pavers. However the tumbled edge travertine paver, what are they? Surpassing the asphalt, brick and concrete pavers, travertine pavers have gained popularity through the years. They’re versatile and also the natural stone features a selection of colors. It adds to the natural feel […]

Travertine – Why Its Perfect For The Australian Climate

Around Australia, the climate is temperate. We don’t encounter snow and ice, harsh winds and biting frosts, contrary to countries within the northern hemisphere. We all experience wonderfully warm weather almost all year round around Australia. We can choose from a number of flooring like sandstone pavers, granite, travertine and slate when it comes to […]

Tilers —Tips on Finding the Right Tiler for You

Having all the right ingredients is of no value if the cook is not competent. Likewise having beautiful, high quality tiles will be of little use if you do not choose the right tiler. How can you make a wise decision in this regard? One of the most obvious ways is by recommendation. If you […]

Sure Seal – What Is The Best Sealer For Travertine?

Sure Seal Sealants 24/7 Stone Impregnator provides superior protection not only against oil and water-based stains but has been proven to help prevent adhesion of graffiti. Our stronger version of this product, Graffiti Shield, is used by major construction companies on sound walls, bridges, and schools to prevent graffiti penetration. Recommended for use on travertine, […]

Stone Tile Flooring

Natural beauty, elegance, value, durability, variation of colours and textures is what separate’s stone tile flooring from any other flooring alternatives. Most of us only get to see and feel stone tile flooring when we are walking through luxury shopping centres, five star hotels, resorts, and banks yet we are afraid of using stone products […]

Kitchen Splashback Tiles – Make Your Kitchen Tiles Have a Splash

Keeping your home clean and protected will not need to take away from its aesthetic charm and Kitchen Splashback tiles are evidence of that. In truth, a well-chosen splashback pattern may even “make a splash” inside your kitchen, creating an artistic and appealing work area where the pleasant aromas of home-cooked meals can be supported […]

Shower Wall Tiles – Advice on Removing Them

Whenever you get a brand new idea, you can actually flex innovative muscles when you are decorating and that is the exciting thing about it. The not-so-exciting thing is that it uses a lot of work. However with some tips from the professionals you can make a spin of many jobs and save yourself a […]

Travertine Tiles – Why We Love Travertine Tiles

Should I choose ceramic tiles? Should I choose porcelain tiles? Why not think about travertine tiles? Tiling your floors is a major project that you won’t want to go through it again anytime soon. Imagine going through all the preparation of tiling your house, the process of actually tiling, and then when you lay down […]

Flooring – Setting a Subflooring for Floor Tiles

You are now able to lay your Compressed Fibro to provide your floor tiles extra support and prevent cracking and bending. That usually occurs after you have acquired your equipment, removed any base board, undercut your doorjambs and leveled your flooring with patch and leveler. Use your polymer-modified thin-set mortar to some section of the […]

Splash Back Tiles – Kitchen Splash Back Tiles – Going Glass

Are you currently not in the market for dedicating days to setting up high-end splash back tiles? Then you might find the following tips from the professionals useful. The protection First Rule Before commencing your splash back installation venture , kill the power to all the walls you’ll be working on. That’s a good start […]

Floor Tile – Preparing To Install A Subflooring For Floor Tiles

The high traffic aspects of your house are suggested to make use of porcelain and ceramic floor tiles since they’re a resilient surface. It is necessary to create a firm foundation for it before installing the actual tile. This is what’s called ‘the flooring under the floor’ or perhaps the subfloor. The actual tile does […]

Tiles – The Installation Of Ceramic Floor Tiles

You’ve prepared the floor, laid the subfloor, and you are now troubled to get creative. Just like in the other two steps, you will want all the right equipments before laying your flooring. Tools of the Trade You already had most of the required equipment in the other two steps. Even so, for the flooring, […]

Bathroom Tiles – Bathroom Tiles With Tiling a Shower

Is shower just for hygienic uses for you? With an inventive tile installation, your shower can project persona and style. For arranging and setting up bathroom tiles for your shower cubicle, here are some tips. Waterproof First To prevent damage from the humidity that will be usual to a bath room, you will need to […]

Mildew – Freeing Your Bathroom Tiles of Mildew

A healthy home is a clean residence. Meaning eradicating mould and mildew from your tiles. How could you do that? Here are a few suggestions from the experts on having a clean house apart from using the normal cleaning products in the marketplace. Mould and mildew will often form in places that are exposed to […]

Porcelain Tiles – About Porcelain Tiles As Well As The Facts To Consider

Are there any points that might make one hesitate to make use of porcelain tiles using their low water absorption rate, full colors and patterns, and outstanding break-strength? There are few points to consider. Tile Adhesives Desire to tile a wall or any other vertical surface with porcelain tiles? Whereas wall tiles possess a higher […]